Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Is stress your lifestyle?

Whilst I was thinking on what could be my next post title, the word just flashed my mind is STRESS.
Then I let my thoughts to ponder over this word. Recent years this word is the reason for many cause in personal and social schema.

A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances is called Stress.

Do you remember this word used by our grand parents?My personal feeling is it became a part of our lifestyle only in this generation.In fact it has been a prestigious word uttered by everyone. When people around asks you how was the week or the day? How many times our immediate response was " oh boy it had been a horrible week, completely stressed out" . Be it a office work, household work, business, even some people who does social work and ministry started using this word.

Let's come to its definition part, so the stress arises out of mental or emotional or tension when the demanding circumstances are to be met. Alright, just wanted to post you a couple of questions for you to rewind your mind and renew your spirit.

Would you not agree that our ancestors had demanding situation? Have they not used their brains and does physical work for inventions and tasks to be accomplished?
Then from where does this word suddenly jumped and took over our lifestyle? Okay my next question would be what is the remedy or the steps taken to avoid this stress.

People who are working from Monday to Friday,  desperately waiting for Fridays to burst their stress out. Am I not right? We hear about TGIF ( Thank God its Friday) how funny it might sound.So Friday evenings is a party time, whatsoever it might be a metropolitan city or a small town . Metropolitan city pubs are full on every Friday's and they have night outs just to burst their stress level. The places which is not so familiar for pubs have tasmac and other recreational activities.

These days stress impacts all areas of our day to day life. Starting from toddlers and up to age old man. It affects significant areas of our lives includes education, job, relationships specially husband and wife.

Husband might sound that he is having lots of stress to meet the deadlines. Wife would say the same thing in a different version ( if a stay at home or a women who takes care of both family and her career). Whatever it may be the ultimate reasoning is everybody is under stress.

I would say its just an attitude problem. How we look at things and act and most importantly how we speak. We all talk about being positive and there are hell lot of seminars, conferences, training which is all to keep us motivated.

Was this all a part of our grand parents lifestyle? In fact they worked hard more than us. Nowadays life is pretty much simplified but we make it very much complicated.

In bible there is a verse,
Proverbs 18:21
" The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.".

So let's use the tongue to build ourselves and our lifestyle and not for destruction.. Stay focused and Stay blessed..!

In Christ alone
Justina Stephen

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What is Joy to you?

Joy meaning as per definition is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

I would be keen to trigger your thoughts for few seconds on the recent factual happiness which you had felt it wholeheartedly.

Was it because of your long term desires coming to pass, accomplished any victory, Surroundings and people brings you the happiness( by meeting your expectations), financial benefits, healing ?

Recent days I have realized many of the times extreme happiness comes when our desires are met. Right time I was reminded of John Piper's quote " What is the deepest root of your joy? What God gives to you? Or What God is to you?" made me to think deeply and its also the reason for this post.

May be you have been longing for certain things to come to pass in your life. Waiting for a dream job, promotion,marriage, financial benefits, to be free from debt, free from long suffering sickness, to be blessed with a child, right opportunity to show your talents?. We have all gone through this stage some way or the other.

We would have been praying for this earnestly and sincerely waiting for God's provisions. It's not wrong but how do you really feel or react during your waiting period.?

Honestly I was not always happy during those times. I had ups and downs in my emotions when waiting for God's provisions and answers. Though i had complete faith in God, though i walked by faith and not by sight , i wasn't happy at all times and this question made me to think and realize my happiness was dependent on the outcome of my desires and prayers been answered.

So my focus was on supply not on the supplier(God). Was it not an embarrassing moment to be focused on what we get alone? I was reminded of the verse Philippians 4:4 -
"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!".

Have we truly rejoiced during our afflictions? If not, let us learn to rejoice in all circumstances. Let our eyes be fixed on Jesus and not on the provisions.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually,18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
God bless you!..

In Christ alone
Justina Sam

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Stray dog and a Foreigner..!

As you know I'm not a habitual writer but when something really inspired me I pen down my thoughts.
This time it is a Stray dog and a foreigner. Yeah the duo’s is the reason for this post. They stimulated me to think for a while and made me to feel the unconditional love.

Everyday I happen to wait in a signal on the way back home from office. It was a cool drizzling Friday evening and a tranquil music of Don moen was on. What else you need at the moment; with the heart overwhelmed I was looking straight outside the right window.

I saw a foreigner who is in full suit and has the high quality leather bag in front of HAL entrance. I just glazed at him and suddenly thought he must be a scientist or a high profile person from his outlook. He came out and then went to the security guard and spoke to him. After a moment he came with a box and kept that box outside the gate. I was so very curious to watch him further because I didn't expect a person like him, meaning well dressed with leather bag carrying a not so good looking box.

Then the security guard came with a jug and was clueless what’s happening over. Then I could notice the security guard pouring water into the box. Till this moment I have no clue on the ongoing scene. Then the foreigner took the box and placed near a dog and that too a stray dog. He kept the box so nearer to the dog so that it can drink water.

You know what, till that moment my eyes were watchful only on the foreigner and not on the stray dog. Then a luxury car came out where he is ready to board the car but still he took that extra moment to take out some of the costliest cookies from his bag and fed the dog with his hands.

Truly speaking, my heart besieged for the love that the foreigner has showed towards the stray dog. In fact he looked like a true hero for me at that moment because of kindness and love he showed to the dog. The best part is he didn't even bother about the drizzling; his heart’s intention was to only make the dog to get away the hungriness.  I just recapped the thing which happened for a moment and positioned myself in the scene.
I have not even had a mindset or my eyes didn't even take a chance to look at the stray dog which is not so attractive but full of dirt. But this man really stood out on his character.

People don’t be surprised how come I have got so much of time in the signal. With not much surprise that’s a Bangalore traffic signal, so I had to wait for such a long time until the scene gets over J

After feeding the dog, he boarded the car and the car passed by on the other direction of where I was waiting in the signal. Wholly my heart felt something good the chance God gave me to watch this man’s heart and kindness.

I questioned myself that I m being over joyful after seeing this man’s attitude. How much more I should be joyful and thankful to God the father for providing me everything in all my needs according to his riches and glory.

Straight after this, I took a moment to thank God for showing me HIS unconditional love to me in my imperfections. I’m an imperfect person loved by a perfect God..!!!
Finally I would like to end with the verse, John 3:16  For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Let God be with you!

In Christ Alone,

Justina Stephen